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Born and raised in Germany, I decided as a 20 year old to move to the country I fell in love with as a young girl, Sweden. After a couple of years in Stockholm and Gothenburg and a brief period in Canada I eventually moved to the city of Nyköping (Södermanland). Here I discovered the endless trails in the area and the wonderful sport of swimrun. The archipelago and the lakes give me the challenges I love. New places to explore, whether running the trails or swimming in the sea. Or the wonderful combination - swimrunning.
During the last 3 years I have had the opportunity to race in numerous races in Sweden as well as Germany and the beautiful Engadin valley in Switzerland. In 2017 I was honoured to be awarded the fourth woman in the Salamander ranking.



3rd mixed team ÖTILLÖ Cannes with André Fält
2nd female team ÖTILLÖ 1000lakes with Lena Trillelv
3rd female team Koster swimrun with Emilia Möller
7th mixed team ÖTILLÖ WORLD CHAMPOINSHIP with Erik B Blomberg
Overall winner Sigtuna Swimrun with Erik B Blomberg
Overall winner Norrtälje Swimrun with Erik B Blomberg
2nd mixed team Ångaloppet, with Erik B Blomberg
1st mixed team Ångaloppet sprint, with Erik B Blomberg
3rd mixed team Öloppet, with Andreas Ribbefjord
1st mixed team Uddevalla swimrun, with Jonas Wallström
4th mixed team ÖTILLÖ Engadin, with Erik B Blomberg
1st female team 10 Lakes Swimrun 
Track record Swimrun army Hellasgården 57:07
4th mixed ÖTILLÖ Utö, 2018, with Erik B Blomberg
1st woman Åda wild boar winter race 12 km
1st female team Sollentuna winter challenge half marathon, with Emilia Todorovska
2nd woman Nyköping WinterTrailRun
1st woman Ursvik ultra, 45 km
1st woman åda wild boar, 24 km


Fourth woman and tenth overall swimrunner in The Salamander Ranking
2nd woman Nyköping WinterTrailRun
6st woman Åda wild boar, 52 km
9th mixed ÖTILLÖ Utö
2nd woman Stockholm Swimrun
2nd overall Frauenlauf Mannheim
2nd woman ÖTILLÖ Engadin
2nd woman (solo) Nyköpings swimrun
1st mixed Ångaloppet sprint 2017 track record
2nd mixed Ångaloppet 2017
2nd woman Bråviksloppet half marathon
5th female team ÖTILLÖ 1000lakes with Johanna Edman
1st woman Strangnäs half marathon


10 km 39:59
Half marathon 1:31:00

RACES 2018

3 mars 2018

7 april 2018

20 may 2018

3 june 2018

9 june 2018

8 july 2018

28 july 2018

4 august 2018

11-12 august 2018

18 august 2018

3 september 2018

22 september 2018

30 september 2018


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